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Cirket is a leading PCBA factory established in 2007, offering full turn-key solution service from component sourcing, SMT, DIP, manual soldering, testing, and mechanical assembly. 

We have a 10 engineers R&D department, offering ODM service. It can be PCB fabrication, structural design, and software developing. 

There are 5 SMT lines. Each line consist of  one automatically solder paste printer, one high speed YAMAHA chip mounter, two multifunction chip mounter, and one  10 oven reflow soldering machine. Capability is 100,000 chips per hour each line. All boards after SMT will be checked by AOI. Precision component like BGA will be baked more than 12 hours before assembly. BGA and QFN footprint component will be sample checked by X-ray every hour in mounting process. 

There are one DIP line, one manual soldering line and mechanical assembly line. All assembly processes are finished in our factory.

Cirket can be one of your best vendors.


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